I am a Nashville-based online marketing analyst,
specializing in web design, marketing, and strategy.

Samantha is very smart, goal-oriented individual who is behind the fresh new ideas that changed and improved a lot of our development process. She is a marketer/strategist who knows web/graphic design as well. I would recommend her anytime, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Lyn Schiffman, Front-End Designer/Developer at CoreCommerce

Samantha is a wonderful person to work with, she is well-informed. If she doesn’t know the answer, she will find it. She has done an awesome job for me and continues to help me in each step I take towards success in my new business. I appreciate her advice and know how for the future and what it takes to get there. I will seek her guidance down this road I’m on for some time to come I’m sure.

Lisa Wales, Owner of TheLittleCousins.com

Sam has been doing a great job working with the sales team to help get our systems set up. She is responsive to our requests and offers helpful suggestions and consultative advice to keep us moving in the right direction.
She is my primary point of contact for systems-related work related to our L2RM (lead to revenue management) pipeline and she does a great job.

David Walker, VP of Sales, LeanKit

Web Design

You design it, they do it

What if someone came to you and said, “I’ve designed this great website, but people don’t stay on it. Why?” How would you respond? Would you ask them whether they have done extensive A/B testing? Would you recommend testing the usability of the website? ... sometimes we spend so much time focusing on analytics that we throw common sense out the window. Don’t get me wrong—analytics are a powerful tool for improving a website. But often the problem is right in front of your face.

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How to create an online responsive resume

After reading A Case for Responsive Résumés by Andrew Hoffman over at A List Apart, I set out on a mission of creating my own online responsive resume today. I have also been wanting to give the Twitter bootstrap a try, so I happily combined the two goals together. I am outlining my progress here for your viewing pleasure. At the end of the post, you will also find a template file that I created based on my own resume. It's all yours for the cost of no money dollars. Happy job hunting and enjoy!

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Optimizing PPC ad copy

There is still a lot to consider after you have created your first round of ad text. In search marketing, set it and forget it is never a good strategy.  And keep in mind that simply looking at what the competition is doing and trying to replicate their tactics will not always maximize the campaign potential. You must test, test, and test some more.

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Do you have authentic, quality content?

If duplicate content exists, search engines have trouble knowing which version to include or exclude when indexing, whether to direct link metrics to one page or keep it separated between multiple versions, and if one version of the content should rank higher for query results or the other. And, I haven’t even mentioned the lousy user experience that duplicate content creates. Bottom line: Be smart. Avoid duplicate content.

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Website effectiveness report

While working at [meta]marketer, Inc., a client came to us preparing to launch their new product, a sensor enabled and motorized base for your mobile video device with a paired marker. The company had already seen a tremendous increase in traffic and wanted to know how they could improve the effectiveness of their site while also providing valuable insights to potential investors. Here's what I put together for them.

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Avoiding SEO meltdown during redesign

Before jumping into the redesign process and getting caught up in the look/feel of your new site, it’s important to keep in mind the onsite optimization necessary to avoid losing your existing rankings and traffic.  As long as you pay attention to the onsite impact of a redesign, the fact that the code of your site is completely changing makes it appear to Google that the content has all been updated, which it awards with a freshness boost. So you may very well rank higher than you did before.

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