How much longer will you waste marketing dollars?

I am a Nashville-based online marketing analyst,
specializing in web design, marketing, and strategy.

How can I help with each of these?

Web Design

Creating an online experience is a unique process. A site should: (1) express the benefits of services and position your company as a leading provider within your industry, (2) engage your visitors in new, innovative ways, and (3) expand your business reach, drive sales and increase profitability.


I can help with social media marketing campaigns to empower customers and extend reach, search engine marketing to ensure your site is ready for search engines, or pay-per-click advertising to get your brand presence known and drive exceptional amounts of traffic your way. A web site needs visitors. Let's get you the right ones.


Developing an in-depth understanding of your business needs and matching those with proven marketing technologies can be quite a challenge. I can help you understand which marketing opportunities fit your company best and how to measure potential return. I strive to teach you as we go so that you can apply what you learn to all areas of your business.

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